Pain Behind Knee

Pain Behind Knee Is a problem faced by most of us while exercising and play various sports which include running, knee kneeling, tennis and any effort you make that may effect the knee especially.

Pain Behind Knee Happens and appears more in the older age people. Usually the pain is from either an old knee injury, or from the nature of the bones itself.Also pain can be from excess wight like you carry heavy things or your weight is too much.If there's any injury in the knee it might rise up the pain when doing some exercises and the bones gets too old fast.

pain in back of knee Causes: The common causes for pain in back of knee are arthritis, cartilage injury, baker’s cyst, ligament injury, patellar tendonitis or a meniscal tear.(Everyone of them is explained in the link).

Determining what is the cause of the pain in the back of the knee is that easy unless you know every one of them and its conditions and its nature.

Pain Behind Knee Symptoms:
When you feel pain in the muscle behind your back, that's an indicator on having Pain Behind Knee and that happens when an inflammation of the knee joints, so you can't move backward or forward even when climbing and walking upstairs.Another reason for feeling pain in back of knee is because of a weaker hamstring. which are muscles that moves when you bend your knee with the quadriceps muscles.

How to deal with Pain Behind Knee:
There are Two types of treatments to pain behind the knee:
1. If you want to avoid the pain behind the knee.
2. If you have a chronic pain.

  1. Avoiding the pain: to avoid the pain or reduce the chances that you might feel it you should try as possible as you can to keep on daily or weekly light exercises that helps to maintain and keep the knee as supple as possible.In case you feel pain, try to rest your legs and put a cold compress on the knee from behind.If the symptoms gets worse, I advise you to see a doctor.
  2. In case you have a chronic pain: you must go and see a doctor (physiotherapist) so he can examine your knee and knows the exact cause of the pain you have and gives you the suitable treatments that will help you to recover from Pain Behind Knee.

Note: There are different gym equipments that help you to strengthen the muscles in the knee that you might use to support your knee and make it more better and remove the pain using it.But before using these equipments you see a doctor so he knows much better than you and he will know exactly what is suitable for you.

Nowadays there are some Surgeries and drugs to recover from pain behind the knee and it's more better than the normal treatments.Any patient who has this pain nowadays we'll be likely prefer to recover from it and in the same time get red out of the pain in back of knee also.